National Police Service Medal

The following article written by Mark BURGESS shows what our Association
has achieved in terms of formal recognition for thousands of NSW Police
Officers and Police all over Australia.  The National Police Service
Medal was instituted in 2011. Described in the Prime Minister and
Cabinet site as ‘recognising the special status that sworn officers have
because of their role in protecting the community. It represents a
police officer’s past and future commitment to give diligent and ethical
service’.  A Committee of Inquiry into Defence Awards [CIDA] heard
evidence in 1992 from the Late Cary McQUILLAN [13744], who had
championed the specific accountabilities of Police which he averred were
additional to those of recipients of the National Medal, and likened
them to the [since 1975] conditions attached to the former Police Long
Service and Good Conduct Medal.  History shows that his work made a
difference, and was continued by others who were wedded to the concept.

Further work by a number of our colleagues is acknowledged in Mark’s
article, which incidentally, fails to mention his support during his
terms as PANSW President and PAFNZ CEO. He’s a modest fellow.

Enter the RFPA into the effort to gain recognition for those who had
been diligent and ethical Police between 1975 and 2011 and whose work
had not been recognised by the award as first instituted.  Rick
STEINBORN APM and James Cheshire from the AFP are credited with working
with our RPA/RFPA men, Paul BISCOE OAM and Peter RANKIN in widening the
eligibility for many thousands of our colleagues, Australia-wide, to
receive the Medal from 2014.

We say thank you to all involved.

Application form for the NPSM is on the RFPA Website under Forms.