Vale – 2022

Name – Age – Reg # – Date of Death
* Indicates NOT an RFPA Member

Please be aware that we receive Vale information from many sources, including Police Protocol, family, RFPA colleagues and friends of the deceased. We DO NOT receive Vale notices about ALL Police deaths and not all notifications are about RFPA Members for whom we have membership details. As a service to our RFPA Members, we also post Vale information about non-members if we receive it. In either case, we can only post when we receive and confirm the information. Therefore, in some instances, funerals and other events may have already been held.

*KIRKMAN Chris M781170723/12/22
*QUINION Brian James761406816/12/22
*ABIGAIL Laurence Lyal87898117/10/22
WITHERS John Fenton751310019/12/22
*ROWLANDS Kenneth William
*BOLAND Gregory Brian701446705/12/22
*SAWKINS Kenneth Maurice751397605/12/22
*RICHES David Woods622898704/12/22
*BROWN David John532686428/11/22
*STOCKWELL Craig Desmond423838627/11/22
*ROBERTSON Glen ADAM424871321/12/22
*WHITE Keith Bernard811311327/11/22
SOUTHWELL Arthur1223011/12/22
NEWTON Donald Clive92948011/12/22
McINTYRE Royston (Roy)91837006/12/22
SHEIL John Patrick8429/11/22
LLOYD Phillip751223805/12/22
READING John Lawrence791189420/11/22
CLEMSON Paul Roland82952302/12/22
GALE Alan Francis731915304/12/22
FITZPATRICK Patricia Marie2022
COOPER Faye2022
DAVIS Marie Catherine962022
DIVE Lindsay Royle761529801/12/22
LAUER Anthony Raymond “Tony” APM86801930/11/22
PHILLIPS Raymond John89741317/11/22
*PHILP Douglas Patrick821004118/11/22
*OLIVER Robert Raymond “Bob”83Nov 2022
MORTON Alexander William91824908/11/22
*WHITE Keith Bernard1311321/11/22
CARLISLE Ross Edwin831641115/11/22
BANNING Wendy Kathleen6829/10/22
MERRY Wayne George73153724/11/22
MILLWARD Alan Lawrence58207164/11/22
MATHESON Roy Alexander652075108/11/22
BALDWIN Bruce George632174911/10/22
MILLS Alan871016523/10/22
TILLOTT Julie19826 & 2897529/10/22
*REID Lisa Marie553475525/10/22
BOURKE Gordon Ian801171124/10/22
*SEIGEL Charles Edward612046525/10/22
GREEN Russell Richard781368117/10/22
*JACKSON Anthony William691767727/09/22
HANNON Patricia Rose9519/10/22
*MONTEFIORE Errol William781260712/10/22
VALENTINE Steven661709811/10/22
GLEESON Christopher Edward671666308/10/22
HANSEN Hilary94876707/10/22
*RULLIS Martin Benjamin ‘Marty’642293402/10/22
COSTIGAN Brian John88758903/10/22
WYLIE David Rodney621993804/10/22
WARD Peter John711433428/09/22
MATTHEWS (nee SMITH) Gwendolyn Elaine844627/09/22
JACKSON Anthony William691767727/09/22
SMITH Max Keith771305725/09/22
JONES Walter Kevin90709823/09/22
FELLOWS Robert Warwick811044322/09/22
McDONNELL William Leslie ‘Bill’85917426/09/22
MACKAWAY Francis William ‘Frank’801152016/07/22
BENTLEY Jim23/09/22
BAYES Peter John821065709/09/22
HARDING Gwendoline9525/08/22
GILLIES William751206806/09/22
MURRAY James621985923/08/22
BASHIR Tanzeel Iftikar235454603/09/22
BELL Eric ‘Dinger’
CUMMINGS Albert ‘Frank’86779901/09/22
*PATTISON William Leslie ‘Billy’781503226/08/22
WHITE Reginald Thomas APM82926127/08/22
*DAMASCHKE Thomas K ‘Tom’6330/08/22
CARPENTER Betty9125/08/22
FREEMAN William Robert741424123/08/22
*TOWNSEND Anthony John ‘Tony’612097822/08/22
HOWARD Donald Raymond761463508/22
BROWN Wayne Ronald741549006/07/22
BYRNE John Edward9518/08/22
NEWTON Charles Arthur821397010/08/22
MARTIN Francis ‘Frank’88780207/08/22
SHEATHER Jesse Bentley7505/08/22
DALLA COSTA Aaron384258307/08/22
WALKER Wesley Raymond443784530/07/22
*DAVY William Barry8225/07/22
GORDON Anne Flora6424/07/22
CRIDLAND Wayne781154326/07/22
McDONAGH Robert Lee85856515/07/22
GIBBISON John ‘Jack’91QP 632026/07/22
SWEENY Pater Harris APM93628623/07/22
WALTON William John APM86966621/07/22
SMITH Desmond Arthur Leonard93782115/07/22
DASKEIN Kenneth James781206415/07/22
*RUFUS Matthew Graeme5009/07/22
NIXON Ernest Ross95568209/07/22
BROADBENT Roy88831403/07/22
*GEDDES Anthony James532529703/07/22
*REID Donald Peter8203/07/22
PEDDELL James Gregory “Jim”751294618/06/22
*McTAGGART George William791181522/06/22
BENNETT Moisant James “Sonny”87770130/06/22
GODWIN William James “Bill”81944230/06/22
*FOWLER VA Christopher John423499319/06/22
*MOTBEY Clement Joseph821147425/06/22
*HANRAHAN Lionel Thomas851001424/06/22
COOLEY Robert Compton “Bob”89914326/06/22
HAU Vaughan Anthony524020319/06/22
GOLLAND Anthony Trevor841026810/06/22
POPKO Henryk Zbigniew86830721/06/22
HUNTER Robert Morrison1025311/06/22
BYRNES Keith751611817/06/22
BRYANT Jim902015/06/22
SMALL Anthony Joseph761261910/06/22
McDONELL Peter8305/06/22
HAGAN Anthony George2051410/06/22
COTTERILL William John Alister S711366607/06/22
LAMMIMAN Clive Edward867106/06/22
DAGWELL John Warren781255331/05/22
FLEMING Thomas William87995128/05/22
McCUSKER Donald Thomas91799028/05/22
OWENS Geoffrey Richard APM751228627/05/22
PARKS Ralph Churchill82919626/05/22
BRAZEL Mervyn Henry88808126/05/22
MORONEY Ken “Toad”711441420/05/22
McCLOSKEY James Haynes Felix85925519/05/22
FRIEND Robyn (Wife of Brian Friend)14/05/22
SPENCE Keith Malcolm761304111/05/22
COOPER Martin L611892911/05/22
JONES Stephen Kevin611883222/04/22
REES Christina Fraser (nee WALLACE)692827304/22
SUMMERS Brian1514804/22
WOTHERSPOON Colin741364627/04/22
STEEL William Frederick Russell99577424/04/22
DREW Colin B761490513/04/22
CATTELL Ronald Roy92668120/04/22
KELLOCK Lionel Duff741219/04/22
GRAHAM Richard1083304/22
LAUER Joy (Wife of Tony Lauer)04/22
GEYER Katherine74PW22708/04/22
HALL Ray681621811/04/22
SWEENEY Hugh Robert86983909/04/22
MacPHERSON Stuart Ross1714506/04/22
SNELL Stephen John701455606/04/22
ROBERTS Caroline3910302/04/22
DIGBY Craig Stuart621845502/04/22
CLENTON Kenneth741250827/02/22
MURRAY Robert Keith651770925/02/22
PEACOCK Gary John711546329/03/22
COLLESS Keith8520/03/22
DRIVER Denis83960518/03/22
SARRIS George8923/02/22
WILLIAMS Bruce Charles6713/03/22
JOHNS William Kenneth8708/03/22
LAMB Georgina Kate9707/03/22
COONEY Darren Ronald5907/03/22
MILLAR Kenneth Paul7906/03/22
REYNOLDS Victor Ray8305/03/22
OSWALD Stephen Francis6004/03/22
ADAMS John Milton8102/03/22
TUCHIN Walter Keith9827/02/22
PALMER Mark David6124/02/22
COGGAN Henry Phillip “Henry”96592222/02/22
BRAITHWAITE Mervyn Stewart901003820/02/22
JOHNSON Lawrence Karl93737420/02/22
WOOLCOCK Allan William781070219/02/22
BAGWELL Grant Thomas6117/02/22
GRANT Kenneth Patrick91NT 5217/02/22
O’TOOLE James Liam5309214/02/22
LOSEBY Wilma88PW4812/02/22
POLLARD Barry Allan791019424/01/22
COE Peter791008519/01/22
RHODES Laurence Geoffrey87794213/01/22
McDONAGH Patrick Walter881062409/01/22
HAYNES Percival John85873029/12/21