RFPA Welfare

Ian Moore – RFPA State Welfare Officer

One of the main functions and indeed, one of the founding principles of the RFPA, is the Welfare of its Members.

Each RFPA Branch has one or more Welfare Officers who undertake voluntary calls and/or visits to Members who are on the Sick List or who are doing it tough through unusual circumstances. We do not take the place of professional/medical services but provide contact and friendship to Members who are either in hospital or at home and welcome contact.

If you or one of the Members you know needs a Welfare visit or contact, then contact one of the Branch secretaries by email or our State Welfare Officer Ian Moore on 0404 881 513. A Welfare Officer will check that a visit or contact is welcomed and will take it from there.

The RFPA is currently undertaking a survey of our Welfare and support activities and will contact branch Welfare Officers to establish a set of protocols for dealing with Member welfare issues.