Vale – 2024

Name – Status – Age – Reg # – Date of Death

Please be aware that we receive Vale information from many sources, including Police Protocol, family, RFPA colleagues and friends of the deceased. We DO NOT receive Vale notices about ALL Police deaths and not all notifications are about RFPA Members for whom we have membership details. As a service to our RFPA Members, we also post Vale information about non-members if we receive it. In either case, we can only post when we receive and confirm the information. Therefore, in some instances, funerals and other events may have already been held.

M = RFPA Member, V = Veteran Member, A = Associate Member, S= Serving, N = Non-Member

NameStatusAgeReg. No.Deceased
SPENCER LauraA8915/02/24
BOZIKIS Rev Father NicholasM79Chaplain13/02/24
KEECH Graham LawrenceM791070301/02/24
KENNEDY Christopher GrahamM681674831/01/24
JONES NicholasS 44Admino27/01/24
WADE Ian RobertM761297623/01/24
WADDELL James McBeathN811048220/01/24
HOULAHAN-EARLE Toni Annette A73Widow18/01/24
HARDING Alan BryanV85939613/01/24
MERCER Keith Allan N8513/01/24
CARSON Brian PeterV90889711/01/24
MARTIN William WarrenV83956811/01/24
BRANN Gordon AlexanderM781499101/01/24
BUCKLEY David JohnM731365001/01/24
JOYCE Colin PatrickV96552501/01/24