Death & Funeral Notices

This page will display the latest Death and Funeral Notices of RFPA Members and others when the RFPA Secretary receives them.

If you would like to be notified by email of the death of former colleagues, send an email to the RFPA State Secretary who will add you to the Vale Distribution List…..

The latest to be notified are at the top.

Fay Theresa BUNT, 86 old, the Widow of Peter, and an Unattached Veteran Member of the RFPA. Fay passed away on 12/01/2021 and her funeral is expected to be held at Rookwood on Wednesday 20th Instant. Time of funeral not available at this time.

Gary John ‘Gus’ COLLETT, 70 old, former Regd. No. 16979, a Member f the Dubbo District Branch of the RFPA. Gus passed away on 13/01/2021 and his funeral is to be held at 10am on Friday 22nd Instant at the Wee Waa Cemetery. If attending the funeral could you please advise Ross Tighe at

Colin William Hugh NAPIER, 83 old, former Regd. No. 10187, not an RFPA Member of Sydney. Colin passed away on 18/12/2020and his funeral has been held.

Jean ‘John’ Louis Marie SOLVYNS, 67 old, former Regd. No. 15484, not an RFPA Member. John passed away on 27/12/2020 and his funeral has been held.

Kelly Ann FOSTER , 29 old, Serving Regd. No. 46412, attached to Lithgow Police Station. Kelly was tragically killed whilst endeavouring to save another girl in a drowning incident in the Blue Mountains on 02/01/2021 and I believe her funeral is yet to be held.

John CRIBB, 78 old, former Regd. No. 10652, not an RFPA Member. John passed away on 19/12/2020 and I expect his funeral would have been held.

The funeral for the late Paul SCHREIBER will now be held at 12 midday on 13th Instant, and his Regd. No. should read 20701

Terry NEWMAN, 68 old, passed away on 22/12/2020, and then his wife Dianne passed away on 31/12/2020. His funeral has been held and hers is yet to be arranged.

Barbara BELL, 82 old, the wife of Coffs Harbour Branch Member Bruce. Barbara passed away on 22/12/2020 and her funeral has been held.

Brian GILL, 73 old, former Regd. No. 15054 of Townsville, QLD. Brian passed away on 02/01/2021 and a private funeral is to be held.

Paul Christopher SCHREIBER, 62 old, former Regd. No. 20171. Paul passed away on 04/01/2021 and his funeral is to be held at 11am on Wednesday 13th Instant at the Worrigee Crematorium, NOWRA.

Dennis Leslie NEATE, 79 old former Regd. No. 10468, an Unattached Member of the RFPA residing at Bonnet Bay, Sydney. Dennis passed away on 27/12/2020 and his funeral is to be held at 11am on Wednesday 6th Instant at St Joseph’s Catholic Church 210 Oyster Bay Road, COMO. I am advised that owing to current restrictions the Church has no vacancy however, if desired, the Service can be viewed as follows,–Pw

Ronald Herbert McPHERSON, 68 old, former Regd. No. 16525, not an RFPA Member. Ron passed away on 27/12/2020 and his funeral I to be held at 11.30am on Tuesday 5th Instant in the South Chapel, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Camden Valley Road, LEPPINGTON, subject to Covid 19 restrictions.

Lisa Maree CAMWELL, 52 old, former Regd. No. 26988, not an RFPA Member. Lisa passed away on 02/01/2021.Funeral details are not known at this time.

Peter Rankin
RFPA State Secretary