Death & Funeral Notices

This page will display the latest Death and Funeral Notices of RFPA Members and others when the RFPA Secretary receives them.

If you would like to be notified by email of the death of former colleagues, send and email to the RFPA State Secretary who will add you to the Vale Distribution List…..

The latest to be notified are at the top.

John Douglas MORRISON, 84 old, former Regd. No. 7696, a Veteran Member of the Sydney Branch of the RFPA. John passed away on 22/01/2020 and a Memorial Service for John will be held at 1.30pm on Thursday 30th Instant at The Church in the Marketplace, 400 Oxford Street, BONDI JUNCTION.

Paul Thomas BLOOD, 54 old, former Regd. No. 23335, an Unattached Member of the RFPA of West Pymble. Paul passed away on 17/01/2020 and his funeral will be held at 11am on Wednesday 22nd Instant at Perpetual Succour Catholic Church, 64 Kendall Street, WEST PYMBLE.

David Mark POWTER, 57 old, former Regd. No. 19882, not an RFPA Member. David passed away on 15/01/2020 and a Memorial Service is to be held at 2pm on Friday 24th Instant at ‘The Grange Club, Pacific Highway , WYOMING. The family have invited friends and colleagues to attend.

Terrence Michael KELLEHER, 74 old, former Regd. No. 11675, not an RFPA Member. His funeral has been held at Inverell.

John Samuel SCROGINGS,  89 old, former Regd. No. 8676, a Veteran Member of the Hunter Branch of the RFPA. John passed away on 03/01/2020 and his funeral will be held at 1.30pm tomorrow, 10th Instant at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, HAMILTON