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December 2023

RFPA Committee of Management Office Bearers – Elected July 2023
President – Paul Wynne
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Vice President – Beth Docksey APM OAM
Secretary – Ian Lovell APM
Treasurer – Bruce Howe
State Welfare Officer – Ian Moore

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Dave Whiteman

Gary Raymond APM OAM

Bob Drew – New England RFPA Member

Bob Drew is a 72 year old father and husband, married to Gael. In March 2023, Bob was preparing his horse for his duties at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney, in which he has done for the previous 33 years. Whilst walking along a rural road near Tamworth, upon his horse, in which he had done on numerous occasions, a motor vehicle approached from the rear. The horse then leapt off an embankment at the side of the road causing Bob to fall. As a result, Bob received critical injuries damaging the C2,C3 and C4 discs in his neck. Bob is now a quadriplegic and after undergoing multiple operations at The Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. He is now continuing rehabilitation in a Sydney facility.

Gael has been forced to sell the family rural home due to the unsuitability for Bob’s mobility. Gael and family have incurred large travel and accommodation costs to travel between Tamworth and Sydney to support and assist Bob. Gael has had to sell many of the rural property assets to assist with costs.
Bob will require a minimum of 4 hours of care each day including the services of specialist care health workers. Bob is ineligible for NDIS as he is over the age threshold of 65. He is entitled to some funding at a significantly reduced rate under My Aged Care for a period of 4 months, leaving Bob and Gael to fund the required care for the further 8 months, costing them in excess of $100,000.00 per year. This will put extreme pressure on them, as they clearly will not be able to fund the care and assistance they will require.

Bob, supported by his wife Gael, has committed much of his life in assisting the community. Bob was a former Police Officer of 32 years and retired at the rank of Detective Inspector in the New England Local Area Command. His decorations include the Australian Police Service Medal, National Service Medal with Clasps and the NSW Police Integrity Medal. Bob recently received the Champion award from the Royal Agricultural Society for his 33 years of dedicated service. Throughout his life, Bob has involved himself in Pony Club, Polocross, Rodeo and many other horse interests.

Bob and Gael have devoted their lives to helping and supporting others. The rest of their lives will be greatly effected both emotionally and physically and they will require ongoing funding to meet the needs of Bob’s lifelong treatment and care.


A Fundraiser to help Bob Drew has been organised for 17th May 2024 and details will be posted here when available.

In the meantime, a GoFundMe portal has been set up for those who want to donate to assist Bob and the Family.


Membership is open to all former NSW Police Officers who left the NSW Police Force in good standing, regardless of length of service.

Police Widows, Widowers or Partners of former NSW Police Officers, Associate Members (Former Police of other Police Forces) and Social Members (Former Public Servants of the NSW Police Force and, other persons nominated by two RFPA Members) are also welcome to join at the
discretion of the RFPA Committee of Management.