Outcomes from the 2022 RFPA AGM

From the 2022 AGM

We held the 2022 Annual General Meeting at the Royal Automobile Club in Macquarie Street Sydney
on 25 October. The meeting was well attended, with Members coming from interstate and other far
away locations.

The order of business comprised two matters as previously notified to Members, and both were
resolved at the AGM.

The Special Resolution proposed by the Treasurer Bruce HOWE related to the Retired and Former
Police Association of NSW’s constitution. Various changes were necessary to align our constitution
with current legislation and our administrative functions, and all had to be compatible with the
Department of Fair Trading’s model constitution. There was some spirited discussion around
terminology used in the document as displayed on line over the past few months, and the work
done by Bruce, and scrutinised by other legal minds, was unanimously supported in the vote, with
one Member abstaining. The 2022 constitution has now been registered with the Department of
Fair Trading, and remains unchanged from the draft formerly displayed on our website in readiness
for the AGM.

The motion moved by the Treasurer Bruce HOWE relating to expenses for Committee Members in
attending Committee of Management meetings was defeated after debate. A number of Members
spoke, both in support of and against the motion, which was eventually defeated 44 votes to 26,
again with one Member abstaining.

Secretary and Public Officer
2 December 2022