Two Websites in One

With the recent name change of the RPA to the RFPA, the COM decided to keep the domain name which points to this, the new RFPA website.

But we’ve also decided, to make it easier for all of us, to register the domain name

So… if you want to access this new RFPA website you can enter either …


Either domain name entered into your web browser will land at the same place… right here where you are now.

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  1. George says:

    Looking GOOD Dave!

  2. Richard Hurst says:

    Nice looking website, the previous was old and dated. Just got to get word out to members about it and use it to post up to date news etc , just a suggestion but a number of Police Facebook sites are around maybe push the website & RFPA to all those Retired/Former Police who are on Social media.

  3. Paul Wynne says:

    You are doing well with the new site Dave. Again the success of the site will largely depend upon input from the Branches.

  4. Paul Biscoe says:

    David, well done. With the new name and logo, this professional site certainly enhances the organisation and has given it a rebirth.

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