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Secretary Name: Beth Docksey
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Regular Meeting Venue:  We don’t have a regular meeting venue, we move around all of the time and can usually advise of the location about 1 month ahead of time so keep an eye on the web site and we will advise you each time we have a get together scheduled.


“We are so glad to be able to have our Victorian Members return to our get-togethers with the border bubble allowing flexibility to travel between many LGA’s.  Hope to see you all soon.”

Coffee & Yack (Chat) at Yack

For those in the area, the next Coffee & Chat for the Murray River Retired and Former Police Association Branch will be held on Tuesday 13th April 2021 at 10.30 am at The Vintage Tea Rooms, 26 High Street, Yackandandah, VIC. Yep just over the border into Mexico. They have yummy cakes too. Hope to see you there. Any of our traveling members from other branches are most welcome.


Art works galore, just look at the scenery & /or your free choices as you wish. Tour Dates Sat 17th April to Sun 25th April 2021 or portions thereof…

Hi Everyone, partners, friends, family are welcome to attend. Annie Smart our RFPA Member, intrepid artist & caravaner in particular, with a tiny bit of help from myself, has been working on the Silo Trail Tour which we have had to put off a number of times due to various reasons. However now it is a goer.

It will be caravan, camping, cabins and occasional hotel accommodation where no cabins are available. Please click on the PDF link to see the proposed schedule. It has been set up so that if you want to come for Day 1, we will depart at 9am from the BP Truck Stop at Barnawatha, VIC just over the border (Coming from North or South just take the Barnawatha Service Centre exit from the freeway.) You can do the tour that day and return home if you need to.  Or you can do Day 1 & 2 the full weekend. Or Day 3 to Day 7 the 5-day week.  Or drive to Cobram Friday night and do Day 8 & Day 9.  Or meet at Cobram for Saturday & Sunday,   Or join in at any time and depart at any time. It is up to each traveller.  THE FULL TOUR WITH ACCOMMODATION LOCATIONS are on the PDF link.

We have had a few issues with accommodation in that it seems everyone is having golf tours, bowls tours, etc in locations all around Victoria.  If you are coming for any parts or all of it I suggest you get in and book asap.  If you have a caravan or camper all good.  If not book into cabins at the locations.  In Horsham we couldn’t get a location with both so some of us will go to a hotel in town. As locations in Echuca require 2 night bookings on the weekends, I suggest if you are coming only for Day 8 & Day 9 you book both nights at Cobram and it is a 73km drive to the Barmah Cruise (about 50 minutes). Or skip the cruise and just come to lunch at the 1pm Cheeky Grog Co, Bunbartha as we said it is all up to you.  The trip is about having a social and fun time together touring.  If you’re thinking about coming or are definitely coming just drop me a email to or phone/SMS and advise which parts of the tour you are coming on as later we have some cruise/lunch etc, bookings to confirm.  Obviously we will have a chat and confirm the plan for the next day each night we are away and some things could, can and might change.   

Beth Docksey Secretary Murray River RFPA 0412 661 738


Come along and have a fun time bowling, chatting, or just having a cuppa.   All members, family and friends welcome. Bowls supplied and if you have never bowled before we have a coach available to show you how to bowl a good, curved ball.  Covid procedures are in place.

1st and 3rd Thursday of the month

When: 1st & 15th April, at 10am-12md …. Thursday 6th & 20th May, 2021 at 10am.
Where: Lavington Panthers Bowling Club, Centaur Road, Lavington

Hope to see you all there.


Murray River Branch covers an area from the Hume Highway Albury up to Holbrook, half way to Wagga, including locations about 45 minutes north of the NSW/Victorian border all of the way across past Deniliquin stopping short of Mildura.  We also cover the whole of Victoria, have had Tasmanian members, and have former members of the NSW Police Force who reside all over that state as our members. Therefore we have very broad membership coverage with currently 95 paid members & another 60 who we contact via email.  We are inclusive not exclusive, however membership has increased by 75% with this mantra in the last 3 years.  We have an Executive Committee that meets bi-monthly and manages all issues relating to the branch including the social activities, welfare, membership, etc., with input sought from branch members prior to the meetings and if they wish they can attend.  We have 3 welfare officers that support our members in the broad ranging area of our branch.

As a result of our spread of members, we don’t have regular meeting venues, dates, days of the week or times as we move all around the branch area so that it gives all members the opportunity to get together.  We also have our get togethers on different days of the week so that this enables our former and retired members who work or look after grandchildren on various days of the week or weekends to attend our get togethers. We always invite partners, friends, family members, some have young children and grandchildren that have attended our functions which has created great friendships with all of these people. 

We have travelled to our Deniliquin members about once per year, down into Victoria on a number of occasions, to locations such as Bright, Myrtleford, Yackandandah, & Beechworth and our members in those areas host our branch visits in that location. We have had one dinner in Melbourne for our members there and were planning another when covid hit so unfortunately had to cancel, but there will be others. When we travel around we try to include an activity before such as in Bright we went to look at our member Annie’s art works at her house, in Myrtleford, we went to our member John & Margaret’s Open Garden and Antique Firearm collection, & at Beechworth we went to our member ‘Bruiser’s’ Brew house for some home-made ale.  We have also been to the ‘Bald Archie’s Exhibition’ when at Corowa and then the Corowa Chocolate factory after to make huge chocolate freckles & drink lots of various flavoured hot chocolates.

We also have Coffee & Chat get togethers about once a month in locations in Albury and other townships within about 30-50 minutes’ drive from Albury.  We schedule them about a week ahead and notify all members by email and SMS them again the day before to obtain numbers.  We always have generally about a minimum of about 20 people attend our coffee and chats.  These get togethers are quite flexible and we always ask that any of our far flung or other branch members who just happen to be coming through the area to please advise us, even at short notice that they are in the area and we have put on a number of coffee & chats with two to three days’ notice to catch up with them whilst they are here.  We have had members and their partners come through for Coffee & Chats from Tasmania, Deniliquin, and Far South Coast, to name a few.  So if anyone is in the area or passing through we only need a couple of day’s notice and we will have a Coffee & Chat for you.

For any of these activities or information contact the Secretary Beth Docksey via email or phone.

Kind Regards
Beth Docksey

Kind Regards 

Beth Docksey
Murray River Retired & Former Police Association 
M.0412 661 738