OBE certificates, Fees Exemption & Fees Overdue

Attention Veteran Members (and those approaching OBE status)
There has been a regrettable delay (for which the Secretary accepts full accountability) in the
production and distribution of Veteran Certificates. Some have been distributed, but others are now
If you are already of OBE status, but have not had your certificate presented to you, I am working on
it. If you happen to be a Member who pays annually by 30 June, and have already turned 80, there
is no need to pay subscriptions, as you are exempted from doing so as a mark of respect and for your
lengthy Membership.
Any subscriptions inadvertently paid by Veteran Members will be refunded forthwith.
Meanwhile, any Association Member who has paid annually in the past and hasn’t done so this year,
$28-00 becomes due on 30 June. It may be more convenient for you (and certainly is for the
Association) of you can arrange a direct debit to the RFPA account at the Police Bank of $26-00
annually. Account details for deposits are available by calling Secretary or making a’ contact’ enquiry
through this website.

State Secretary