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At our March meeting we were most fortunate to welcome Retired Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, APM, who gave us a most interesting insight into his life before Police and then after joining the Police Force.

At our April meeting we had in attendance Eric Etienne, Annette Willett. Ken Buckley. Garry Porter, Paul Wynne, Sandy Benson, David Hain, Fred & Anne Camage, Joe & JennyTurner lan & Barbara Lindsay, Barry Inall, Robert & Sheila Jackson, Vickie Macrea, Mick Matt, Kris Swiec, Doug Kane, Terrence Griffiths, Mark Miller, Naomi Baldwin, Mick Mollov, Colleen & Neil Purvis, Trevor & Bette Francis, Kent Vild, Mick Berwick, Dennis Willcox. Apologies received from Gary Raymond, Bob & Robyn Oswald, Ian King, John & Sue Wakefield, Jill Willcox Heath & Jedda Thompson, Mike Nielson, Steve Bensley, Barrie Sutcliffe, John & Lee Hall, Phil Martin, Ray McConnell.

Our guest speaker was David Reithmuller, Senior Police Chaplain with the Uniting Church. David related his experience as an aid worker in Peru prior to his pastoral role. He was a qualified Health and Engineering Inspector and his wife Sue was a school teacher. They left with their 2 children for an unimaginable adventure living and working with the villages in central Peru among the various factions ruling the country such as the Military, Police and two Terrorist groups, one of which kidnapped him. A most fascinating talk.

Our social events include.

• A tour of the Mounted Police at Redfern on the 22 May;

• A tour of the Old Darlinghurst Gaol is scheduled for 21st June;

• Yulefest at the Carrington Hotel Katoomba is on 5th July; we have around 46 going plus those from Penrith/Blue Mountains branch;

• The Biggest morning tea in aid of Cancer was held as a free BBQ for our branch and donations for a cake, slice etc. were taken for the fundraiser.

• Winter blanket appeal for our sponsors Guardian Funerals and attendance at their Biggest Morning Tea.

In May we welcomed 4 former Fijiian Police whom Paul Wynne met at the Domain 2017 Memorial Service. Paul invited them to the Parramatta Hills Monthly meeting and they Joined us for the May meeting. One of them even won a raffle prize!!. Retired members of the Fiji Police, Krishna GOUNDER Ass.Supt. Chinn GOUNDER Insp. Mahendra Reatap
Supt. Rama Naidu Det. Const. They enjoyed their day with us, said they has learned a few things from the meeting format and applied to become Associate members.

In May we had the following members attend Eric Etienne, Annette Willett, Ken Buckley, Garry Porter, Paul Wynne,Sandy Benson, Fred & Anne Camage, Joe & Jenny Turner, Ian & Barbara Lindsay, Barry Inall, Robert & Sheila Jackson, Mick Mott, Doug & Heather Kane, Terrence Griffiths, Naomi Baldwin, Nick Pavlov, Colleen & Neil Purvis, Trevor & Betty Francis, Kent Vild, Angus McDonald, Graham Stone, Brian Haim, Faye Ambrose,Phil Martin, Gary Raymond, John & Lee Hall, Ivan & Joan Hamilton, Ron Shaw. John & Sue Wakefield. APOLOGIES – Kris Sweic Bob & Robin Oswald, Ian King, Dennis & Jill Willcox, Heath & Jedda Thompson, Mike Nielson, Dave Hain, Barrie Suttcliffe, Ray McConnell, Ron Sadler. Norm Tattersall, Mick Berwick, Shirley Anderson, Ross Carlisle, Mark Miller.

Our Guest Speaker was Detective Chief Superintendent Doug Kelly (Retired) spoke about the investigation of the shooting of Detective Sergeant Michael Drury on the 6 June 1984 at his home. The persons suspected of being responsible for the shooting were Detective Sergeant Roger Rogerson and Christopher Flannery (Mr. Rentakill) However the original investigation produced no results and Doug Kelly was summoned by Police Commissioner Avery to reopen the investigation and form a task force (Omega) In the meantime Flannery had disappeared presumed dead and Rogerson was charged with conspiring with Alan Williams and Christopher Flannery to murder Drury. It was a most interesting story by Doug Kelly with many twists and turns during the investigation.

One of our sponsors, Guardian Funerals, holds a Winter Appeal each year, collecting blankets, sleeping bags, beanies, rugs, gloves etc for the homeless. Parramatta-The Hills branch members kindly donated over 30 bags this year and some friends of members donated toiletries also. A big thanks to Naomi Baldwin and Colleen Purvis for their work in mustering, bagging and labelling same, and to Faye Ambrose who donated over 20 hand knitted beanies this year. Also big thanks to our wonderful and many members who gave so generously.

In May we held a free BBQ for our members where the ladies (and some men) brought along a lovely assortment of cakes, slices and eats available for a donation to the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea.

A recent social event was organised to the Redfern Academy where the Mounted Police section still operates. Our most knowledgeable tour guide was Stuart Thompson who was in the Mounted Police in 1955, and still holds an amazing amount of facts, figures and dates.

God Bless

Paul Wynne, JP



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