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Our newly elected committee is: Chairman : Dave Whiteman; Vice Chairman : Brian friend O.A.M; Secretary : Tony Wright; Treasurer : Bill Bush; Welfare Officers : Jim Soiland, Trevor Swift and Barry Miles; Auditors : Allan Hines, Brien Gately, Graeme Ferguson.

Northern Metro Branch executives. From L to RÖ Brian Friend, Barry Miles, Trevor Swift, Dave Whiteman, Jim Soiland, Tony Wright


Unfortunately we have lost some comrades over the past couple of months including Members: Ken Astill and Charlie Elliott, and Police wives Doreen Neville and Yvonne Soiland.

We welcomed some new members to our branch: Graham Brown, Lindsay Clarke, Alex Vogt, Dave Drew and Martha Hutchinson.

At our September meeting our guest speaker was Cath Allen from Police Legacy who explained the "Backup for Life" project and outlined the Expo held at Rosehill Racecourse on 28th October. Those who attended reported that it was a very worthwhile initiative.

On 20th October we were welcomed at the Retired Police Day at Mona Vale Police Station by Superintendent Dave Darcy from Northern Beaches LAC. Fifty two of our members and other retired officers attended and had a very enjoyable few hours with mates at the BBQ. The centres of attention were the sleek HWP car (bristling with all its antennas and GPS technology it looked like a Taiwanese prawn trawler!) and the HWP cycle with all itís flash gear.

Our November 8th meeting was attended by Trevor Swift, Peter Velleley, John Dawson, Terry Moss, Col Fitzroy, Garrie Watt, Alastair Browne, John Wadeisha, Alex Vogt, Harold Hanlen, Dave Whiteman, Graeme Ferguson, Geoff Shattles, Barry Cafe, Bob Inkster, Dick Filmer, Lindsay Dive, Brian Friend, Ross Nixon, John Letts, Greg Faulkner, David Cole, Bob Stark, Graham Keech, Brian Inman, Steve Spencer, Ron Farmillo, Peter Burgess, Frank Ramaccia, Peter Ellicott, Warren Chambers, Lindsay Freeman, Martha Hutchinson, Bill Bush, Barry Miles, David Drew, Greg Thane, Bill McIntosh, Allan Hines and Warren Molloy.

Apologies were received from Ron Riley, Spencer Jones, Brien Gateley, Geoff Green, Deb Anderson-Barden, Tony Wright, Bart Snell, Brian and Dawn Wright, Geoff Kay, Jeff Gilchrist, John Warren, Clare Moore, Mike Fletcher, Kev Monckton, Ken Millar, Arthur Hay, Bob Pinfold, Oscar Taylor, Jim Soiland, Joanna Suchy, John Dunbar, Max Sladden and Neville Behag.

On the health front, we wish Kev Monckton, Ozzie Taylor and Warren Molloy a speedy recovery from their various operations, tests and other assorted ailments. Not to make light of their conditions, some of which are serious, but as the saying goes, "Laughter Makes the Best Medicine" and our Welfare officer Trevor Swift always manages to inject a bit of humour into his reports. Our newest Welfare Officer Barry Miles has been nicknamed 'Scooter' as he zooms around the traps visiting hospitals and members at home. A job well done! We hope to see them back on deck very soon.

Speaking of back on deck, even a hip replacement couldnít keep Warren Molloy away from receiving his Veteranís Certificate from Chairman Dave Whiteman for reaching the ripe old age of 80 not out! 

Our Northern Metro RPA website is up and running, www.northmetrorpa.com and has proven to be an excellent way of keeping members informed of future meeting dates, upcoming events, important news and the photo galleries have been very popular. The issue of internet security was discussed and the website does not include any personal information of our members.


Dave Whiteman



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