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Our March meeting was held and chaired by Dave Whiteman (Chairman), with Tony Wright (Secretary) and Alastair Browne standing in as (Treasurer). We are now officially the "Northern Beaches Branch" of the RPA.

Those attending were … Peter Velleley, Alex Vogt, Graeme Ferguson, David Drew, Frank Ramaccia, John Letts, Dave Whiteman, Tony Wright, Lindsay Dive, Alastair Browne, Ross Nixon, Trevor Swift, Peter Butcher, Geoff Shattles, Barry Cafe, Warren Molloy, Barry Miles, Bart Snel, Kevin Monckton, Graham Brown, Lindsay Clarke, Neville Behag, Oscar Taylor, Arthur Neville, Garrie Watt, Allan Hines, Graham Keech, Col Colman, Bill McIntosh, Lindsay Freeman and Jim Soiland.

Apologies were received from … Bill BUSH, David COLE, Brian WRIGHT, Ken SHEARING, Greg FAULKNER, Col FITZROY, John WARREN, Steve ALLCORN, Spencer JONES, Ian FINLAYSON, Greg THANE, Geoff GREEN, Warwick WHARTON, John WADEISHA, Brien GATELY, Bob WARLAND, Ken SHEARING, Mike FLETCHER, Clare MOORE, David SPARKE, Geoff KAY, Steve SPENCER, Brian INMAN, Harold HANLEN, Ron FARMILLO, Brian FRIEND, Tom FLATLEY and Bob INKSTER.

On the welfare front Trevor Swift (Welfare 2) and Barry Miles (Scooter) have been busy checking up on and visiting several of our members including Kev Monckton, Warren Molloy and Neville Henry. Our guest speaker, Dave Drew, gave a very interesting talk on Fraud and Organised Crime in the Tobacco industry.

In recognition and appreciation of his contribution and dedication to the Northern Metropolitan branch of the RPA, Oscar (Ozzie) TAYLOR was presented with his MBE (Magnificent Bloody Effort) which he accepted to great applause.

The "Return to 29 Division Reunion" was held at the Mona Vale Bowling Club on 12th March and was attended by over 80 former 29 Division coppers including many Northern Beaches RPA members. Copious amounts of amber fluid were consumed and a giant Spanish Paella cooked up and demolished in quick time. The BS Meter worked overtime as stories and anecdotes of time spent at Collaroy, Mona Vale, Avalon, Broken Bay Water Police and HWP were trotted out. Lindsay DIVE, Brian FRIEND, Martha HUTCHINSON and Clare MOORE did a fantastic job of organising the memorable event.

Our May meeting was held and chaired by Dave Whiteman (Chairman), with Tony Wright (Secretary) and Bill Bush (Treasurer). Alastair Browne and Bill Bush Those attending were … Allan Hines, Col Fitzroy, Brian Wright, Lindsay Clarke, David Drew, Alastair Browne, Geoff Shattles, Geoff Green, Barry Cafe, Barry Miles, Trevor Swift, Neville Behag, Tony Wright, Arthur Neville, Oscar Taylor, Jim Soiland, Lindsay Dive, Warren Molloy, Brian Friend, Greg Thane, Ross Nixon, Bob Inkster, Harold Hanlen, Geoff Kay, Arthur Hay, John Letts, Fred Shaw, Joanna Suchy, Warren Chambers, Dave Whiteman, Peter Burgess, Bart Snell, David Cole, Bob Warland, Peter Butcher, John Dunbar, Greg Faulkner, Bob Pinfold, Les Lidbury, Terry Moss, Ron Farmillo, Graham Keech, Bill McIntosh and Trevor Elliott.

Apologies were received from … Martha Hutchinson, Garrie Watt, Lindsay Freeman, Warwick Wharton, Mike Fletcher, Brian Inman, Jeff Gilchrist, Ken Shearing, Peter Velleley, Graham Brown, John Wadeisha, Neville Henry and Ted Calandruccio. In recognition and appreciation of his contribution and dedication to the Northern Metropolitan branch of the RPA, Alastair Browne was presented with his MBE (Magnificent Bloody Effort ). Dave Drew and Tony Wright On the Welfare front Ross Nixon is on the mend from a bout of bronchitis, Jim Soiland (Welfare 1) continues to battle some health problems but manages to attend the meetings. Brian Inman has been in hospital and is now back on deck, “The Owl” Neville Henry tells us that his ‘Rolling Stones’ have passed! Fred Shaw suffered a ‘heart event’ a couple of days after the meeting and we can report he is recovering at home.

On Friday the 12th May 28 Members and partners set sail from Palm Beach for our Hawkesbury River Cruise. After a stop at Patonga for Fish and Chips we leisurely cruised to Bobbin Head via Cottage Point and then returned in the afternoon. A great day had by all sharing memories and good company. Yes, the BS meter was again running wild. Thanks to Tony Wright and Brian Friend for organising the day and to Alastair and Micki Browne and Bill and Christine Bush for providing snacks and drinks.

Dave Whiteman



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