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        GOLD COAST:

The Gold coast was host of the 2018 Commonwealth games and as such no branch meeting was held in April

At our March meeting we had in attendance: ZAHN Leslie, LUTHERBORROW Jim, PAIN Christopher, HENDERSON lan, PHILLIPS Raymond, RUMBEL Roger, PRIESTLY Geoffrey, BRONSVELD John, ANDERSON Colin COOLEY Robert WHEATLEY John, BEACHAM John, BUSH Mervyn, WILSON Robert, COATES Donald, ELLIOTT Arthur, KELLY Martin, WHITEHALL Ian, HUGHES Garry, KING John, Sally PLACE, Garry JARDINE, Ronald EGLAR, Jim NOBLE,Thomas MEAKINS, Ian ROBB, Bob GIBSON, Noreen MCMURRAY, Liz LUTHERBORROW, Joanne WHEATLEY, Wendy COOLEY, Jan NOBLE, Irene WILSON, Sandra KELLY, Jan ELLIOTT, Joy BEACHAM, Elaine SWINBORNE, James MATTHEWS, Shane HARCOMBE, Malcolm COX

We received apologies from Peter McMURRAY *,Bryan KELAHER, Barry KENNEDY *, Gary MATTHEWS , James GREEN, Paul SHEEHAN, Frank ARMANASCO, Noel McLACHLAN, Stanley BREADMAN *, Gregory GREEN, Robert GODDEN, Brian LANDON *, George SARRIS, James CANANAUGH, Patrick LACEY, Bob RIDLEY, Colin VELMIN, John SMART, Gregory SWINDELLS, Geoffrey , HESTER, Kenneth JENKINS, Gregory ROBINSON, Graham BISHOP, Kay DAWSON, Graeme ROSS, Jeff OWLER, Donald AVERY, Garry HAZELL, Louis GEIST, John GRIMELY, John SYMONS, Ross CRAWFORD, Paul COMINO, Alexander COOPER, Dutchy HOLLAND *, Donald MAGICK * Bob (Jumbo) WILSON *, Errol , RAZENALL, Kenneth JENKINS, Jack CARTER, John BELL J.P. * denotes foundation member

Any former police officer suffering from PTSD (or similar problems) please be mindful that the most recent inductee into our outstanding ’Welfare Support Team’ is Branch Member Greg ROBINSON. Greg has experience – and may well be of assistance with the problems you might be undergoing – and is only too pleased to help wherever and whenever he can. Please - if you are having problems – share the burden with those who may be able to help. Nobody, but absolutely nobody, is being judgmental – what affects you, could well have been a problem for any one of us. Please know – that any information you pass on to our ‘Welfare Support Team’ members regarding matters of your health – will be the subject of strict confidentiality, unless you – indicate otherwise. We welcomed a new member Sally Anne Place

It is with heavy heart and much sorrow that I advise readers of the passing of Peter William McMURRAY – Branch Vice Chairman and ‘Gold Coast Foundation Member’. Right up until his recent incapacitation Peter never failed to be mindful of those members who were ailing for want of support or assistance. Like all members of our ‘Welfare Support Team’ Peter gave generously of his time in making himself available to visit others whenever that need arose. About June of last year Peter was diagnosed with ‘mesothelioma’ in his left lung, caused – the doctor’s believe – through his apparent exposure to asbestos many years ago. The prognosis was not good—but at 84 years of age Peter accepted the inevitability of his situation with courage and tenacity. With his adoring wife Noreen by his side (as she always has been) and the support of his loving family Peter continued to fulfil his role as Vice Chairman attending numerous meetings in that capacity—until overwhelmed by ill health. Peter passed away at 5-30am on Thursday the 5th April at the Pindara Private Hospital and is survived by his dear wife Noreen, his loving children Stephan, Narelle, Julie and Bradley.

For anyone in the area, Our branch holds their meeting 2nd Monday of each month and you are welcome to join us.

John King

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