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Present at our April meeting were Jack & Betty Grebert, Harley & Rhonda Toms, Tony & Sheila Brown, Headley & Barbara Gleave, Deidre McLeod, Tom Bartlett, Peter Chilton, Garry Heskett, Bob Jones, Heather Moore, Bill Scotcher, Ian & Sue Hodges, George & Jeanette Williams, Greg & Patricia Seale, Doug Tysoe, Louise Cluley, Murray Smith, Colin & Margaret Gill, Anne Goldman & Daughter Diana and Dave Morris (meeting only.)

We welcomed Chief Inspector Shari Allison, Chris & Kerrie Hines. Chris Hines, a former Detective Sergeant, had recently undertaken a trek along the Kokoda Trail. He mentioned that the trek he undertook had been organized by the Salvation Army. Money raised had gone towards the provision of water pipes for a number of villages along the trail.

He gave a summary of the history of Kokoda especially during the Second World War with the invasion of the Japanese, Australia had sent troops to halt the invasion before it reached the mainland. He gave an in-depth description of his journey and he likened parts of the Trail to a war museum. He had met up with one of the only two remaining Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels and had found the experience very moving. Chris then gave a summary of his service within the NSW Police.

The Chairman Tony thanked him for coming and for giving a very interesting talk. Ian Hodges mentioned the Black Dog Institute and the fund-raising trek of Kokoda undertaken by Craig Semple in aid of that organisation. Our Branch made a $200 donation towards Craig’s fund-raising effort. Chief Inspector Shari Allison presented George Williams with his, National Po lice Service Medal, his Retired Police Association Badge and his RPA Veteran’s Certificate.

On the welfare front, our Branch Members have been saddened by the passing of Joyce Ryder, Dezmond Moffitt, Vince Gardener, and Patrick O’Brien who was our News Letter Editor. Patrick was an incredible Newsletter Editor and produced interesting, informative and often quiet humorous accounts of our Branch activities. Most recently Garry & Suzanne Heskett’s 38 year old daughter, Shannon Louise suddenly passed away. A difficult and sad time for family & friends. Bob Jones has not been feeling too well following his operation. Kevin Goldman, Don Lewis, Ern Mercer and Brian Thompson have some health issues and we wish each of them a quick recovery to normal health.

Floyd Ballard




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